Week 1 – It has begun……

I have passed my first challenge. I got up Saturday morning and ran great lines park run. 5km or 3.1 miles in the bag. 496.9 to go!

I’ve not really done any running since finishing the Marathon 3 weeks ago and it was a bit surprising to me that I have put on 6lb in weight since then! So it felt like I had taken a step back a bit as my official time was 36:53. This is a little bit off my personal best but it’s a good start. The weather was hot too. I wasn’t expecting it to be as we’ve had some pretty cold weather of late. So I was probably a bit over dressed in tracksuit bottoms rather than shorts. I also got a stitch after the first kilometre that I had to breath my way out of.

As always, getting to the start line was the hardest thing. I don’t know why, but I really struggle with motivation before a run. I tend to have this thought of why am I doing this to myself and this is going to be hard. It is silly because I feel really good afterwards, even if the run is a bad run or didn’t quite go to plan. There is a big sense of achievement. It’s that feeling that gets me through it. I am hoping that as regular training becomes the norm again, that this feeling goes.

So another challenge that I am setting myself for this training regime is to complete 50 park runs. Saturday’s was my 10th and this means I will have to run nearly every Saturday morning between now and next April. That in itself is going to be a big commitment, especially around playing baseball, going to Brighton matches and spending time with my wife. There is also a small obstacle in the fact that I am going on 2 holidays over the summer and so I will lose 4 weekends. I don’t suppose if anyone knows of a park run in the Milwaukee area? 

On to week 2 then. This week I have to get myself out for some mid week runs……..


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