Week 2 – Preparation and getting on with it.

Running is something we can all do. It’s free. Just put on your running gear and trainers, walk out the front door, then off you go. No need for expensive gym memberships! Well that is the idea anyway. In theory it is true, but as I found out to my detriment at The Brighton Marathon 2017, wearing cheap shoes really ruins your marathon experience. That is why my week started in Sweatshop at Newnham Court in Maidstone. I needed new running gear and had proper insoles made for a new pair of trainers.

After having my insoles made I was put on a treadmill to have my running style recorded to check if I needed any further support in a test pair of trainers. Thankfully nothing else was required.

After that I spent the next hour trying new shoes and buying new shinies! I ended up with trainers, running shorts, Lycra running tight shorts, shoes, socks, a running top, a weatherproof running top and most importantly a running cap! Oh and I can’t forget a TomTom Running 3 gps tracking watch! So running is free right? Don’t I look the part though.

With all this preparation, I needed to actually get out and run. I did so three times this week. On Wednesday and Friday after work, I got out to run 2.2 miles each time. I also got down to Great Lines Parkrun on Saturday morning where I was able to wear another new item of clothing, my tangerine t-shirt. Here I am in said new clothing with two of my friends, Mark and Lou, before the start.

 I managed to break my PB on Saturday going sub 35 minutes for the first time (34:47). I also told myself that if I saw a photographer, I would try to make it look like I was enjoying myself. Did I pull it off?

I also need to remember why I am doing this, and that is to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity and to get some general fitness. You will be able to sponsor me soon and I’ll post the link up in the near future.

All in all, this week was a good week of running.

Another 7.5 miles down, just 489.4 miles left to go…….


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