Week 3 – The highs and lows of training.

It was a bit of a different week this week. There have been some ups and downs but the week has ended on a bit of a high. Here is why…..

I went out for my normal little 2.2 mile loop on Monday. The run felt laboured and it was my slowest recorded time. I’m not sure what happened but I know sometimes this just happens. So the week didn’t start off so well.

Then, on Wednesday, I missed my first planned run. I had intended to get out and do my loop again but I didn’t get back from London until 21:00 that evening. Slightly annoying but it couldn’t be helped. The same happened on Thursday so I also missed baseball training. So by Friday it didn’t feel like I had done much exercise this week.

Thankfully Friday is where the week changed. Firstly, I found a run in 7 weeks time that I just had to sign up to. It’s a 10k in Newham, around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The reason why I had to sign up to this particular run is because of the finish, the last 400m or so is the Olympic running track. So yes I will be crossing the finish line that Mo Farah won his 2 Olympic gold medals in London 2012! I’m excited.

That seemed to spur me on for the weekend. I managed to get out that evening to do my 2.2 mile loop after work, only my second run this week but the quickest I’ve managed to do the loop to date.

Then came Saturday and great lines Parkrun. My 12th event and only 38 more to go to get to the magic 50 before the Marathon. Here I am pictured with Simon and Lou.

It was a little chilly and breezy and it even started to rain too, but that didn’t deter me from putting in a personal best time of 33 minutes and 30 seconds. That was a whole 1 minute 17 seconds quicker than my previous best set the week before! No wonder I look so hot and sweaty in the photo below!

So a very mixed week in all but the highs were definitely worth it. Next week’s Parkrun is going to be a challenge, I’m going to have to go some to beat my PB!

Part of the reason I like running is I am only competing against myself, I am also a bit of a geek and like statistics. So here are some stats for my training to date.

Number of runs – 7

Park runs – 3

Total time spent running – 3 hours 30 minutes 22 seconds.

Week 3 miles – 7.5

Total miles – 18.1

and that leaves just…………..481.9 miles to go.


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