Week 4 – British Weather and yet more expense!

Running really isn’t a cheap sport! Another £13.98 spent this week (after last week’s £32 for the Great Newham Run entry), this time on a Parkrun barcode bracelet so I no longer have to carry a paper one in my one and only (butt) pocket! It was another worthy purchase but surely I have everything now! Well actually no, there is still more to come!

So I managed another three runs this week, two during the week after work with my 2.2 mile loop. On Monday I beat my quickest time so was chuffed but it was a seriously hot and muggy night so took a while too cool down after. My next planned run though was on Wednesday, and the weather couldn’t have been different! I almost didn’t go out, but my wife reminded me that I can’t choose the weather on Marathon day. So in an absolute torrential down poor I did my loop again. I was drenched when I got back and I really needed the nice hot shower afterwards. Thankfully the wet weather spurred me on to another personal best time. It was also lucky that my wife, who had gone out with her friend for the evening, didn’t return home with her at the wrong moment! I had to strip down in the laundry room and run upstairs to the bathroom naked! It would have been an interesting meeting should she have brought her home!

Sadly I got stuck in London with work on Friday so got home too late for my third planned run this week. Luckily there is always Saturday and Parkrun.

I had another solid run in hot weather. I didn’t beat my PB, missing out by thirteen seconds, finishing in 33:43. I’m chuffed that my times have improved from over forty minutes to start with, down to nearly thirty minutes. The really good thing for me is that for the first time in my Parkrun career, I managed to increase my speed in each mile, take a look at my split times!

My running has really improved, now I need to push on and start to increasing the distance. So this week’s achievements were another 7.5 miles run, a Personal Best, beating the weather and hopefully having spent the last bit of money for a while!

25.6 miles now complete……..474.4 miles to go.


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