Week 5 – The Lethargic Lonely Road.

This week didn’t pan out quite as I wanted. I am still yet to get out for 4 runs in a week and this was due to a mixture of feeling lethargic and the heat! It has been really muggy in Medway the past 7 days. 

I delayed my Monday run to 8 o’clock in the evening in the hope it would have cooled down. Sadly it did, but only by about a degree! But out I went anyway.

It wasn’t particularly fast but I managed to not slow to a walk on the hills for the first time. So that was something to be pleased about. I was very hot when I got back though and I enjoyed (and very much needed) the after run shower!

My next planned runs were Wednesday and Friday and I didn’t make either of them. There are a number of factors to this. Firstly the heat and humidity has drained me somewhat this week. Then there is the problem that I run alone. I don’t have a regular running partner. Whilst I have a bit of drive and stubbornness to push myself on, quite frankly running on your own is a massive mental battle, one sadly that this week I seemed to have lost a little. So feeling a bit low and overly hot, it didn’t happen. 

But then it was Saturday again! Parkrun day! I am really enjoying this event and I’m glad I forced myself out to do run number 14 (only 36 more required to the magic 50). The run started off in hot and muggy conditions. Lap one of Great Lines Parkrun was completed and for the third week in a row, I didn’t get lapped by the first couple of runners. Result! Then came the uphill for the second time. Man it was hot and I really had to push myself to get up there without slowing to a walk, but I achieved it! I was pleased with myself as this is the first time I’ve managed it. I did need a 1 minute walk breather once I made the top though and then I needed a further 1 minute walk once I’d got past the 4km mark before the long down hill finish. In this time around the monument though, a storm decided it wanted to drench us with a heavy downpour accompanied by some pretty awesome thunder and lightning. The rain made it cooler and helped with a final push for the finish line. I actually much prefer running in the rain. Here I am with Lou and Si looking slightly damp afterwards!

I was unsure on my time as I’d been playing with my gps watch settings beforehand and didn’t realise I’d changed something. So I had no idea I had just knocked 22 seconds off my PB, coming in at 33:08. I am now wondering if I can aim for a sub 30 minute 5km in the near future! 

Anyway, so it was a difficult week and I only managed 2 runs and a distance of 5.3 miles, but it still chips a little off the main target. Next week a few things will change but I’ll tell you about them in next weeks post. So that is now 30.8 miles completed……..469.2 miles to go.


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