Week 6 & 7 – Joining a new group and then going on holiday!

These two weeks were always going to be a little different and I am sorry that I haven’t updated you on them. That is mainly because I haven’t actually done much running. The main reason for this being that I went to Milwaukee and Chicago on holiday.

I managed to get out on one run before I went, on Monday 29 May. It was a first run with a running group called the Medway Runners. It was a depleted group that evening as most of the regulars were in Liverpool running a half marathon, but those that remained and came out ran a 5k run around Chatham.

It was a bit of an initiation as they took me up a pretty big hill, Dock Road. It is basically an uphill of about 0.7km! I am pleased to say I made it to the top with help and support and got some good tips in how to tackle hills along the way. As you can see my distance and time was a little slower than my recent parkruns but considering the heat and the change of time of running plus the new course, I was very pleased with my efforts.

So the rest of week 6 and week 7 I didn’t get out any further times. It was a really nice holiday though. Now I’m going to have to get back to it, I’ve got some holiday spread to burn off and I have my first big run coming up. With that, it is an extra 3.1 miles completed………463.1 miles to go.


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