Week 9 – Hot hot hot! #500MilestoBrighton #TheBrainyBunch

Week 9 was not a very good week for running. Whilst I had every intention of going out more than twice, the hottest week of the year meant it didn’t happen!

Monday I went out with Medway Runners. I did a 3.2 mile run around St Mary’s Island, Chatham. Whilst the temperature was a little cooler running by the river Medway, it was still about 26 degrees at 19:30, so it was a slow and hard run. But I got out.

The rest of the week was a write off though. As it was sweat enduring just sitting still in the humidity that seemed to be worse than the Amazon Rain Forest, I did not have the energy or the inclination to get out again midweek.

Saturday again was a saving grace. Parkrun day came around soon enough and thankfully the temperatures had dropped. As there was an armed forces day thing going on at Great Lines park, Parkrun was cancelled for the week in Gillingham. This meant I had to be a Parkrun tourist, so I headed down to Maidstone. 

Parkrun number 16 was run along the tranquil setting of the river Medway in the shade of trees, and it was flat, well until the finish line. Sadly though I didn’t break my Parkrun PB finishing in 35:33.

This week I am going to start pushing my fundraising page. I am doing this in order to raise funds for The Brain Tumour Charity, a charity that is close to my families heart. I’ve had some early donations and already raised £99.00, so thank you, it’s a great start towards my initial target of £500. Please feel free to click the link if you wish to donate.

Although I only managed 2 runs this week, it was another 6.3 miles under the belt. I am really going to have to put some hard work in soon! So if we take that off the target, only 454.7 miles to go!


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