Week 10 – Achievement Unlocked!

This week I have had to up my training and I’ve covered more distance than any other week to date. Thankfully the weather has been cooler so it has made it a much more pleasant experience than the last couple of weeks.

Sadly due to a busy day Monday, I didn’t get home in time to get out with Medway Runners. Wednesday was a different story though. My wife (Rachel) and Lou had tickets to go to Wembley to see Adele, so I was home alone. I utilised the opportunity to go out for a longer run than usual. I intended to do 4.5 miles (around 7.2 km) as a bridge from 5k regular training to push up to 10k distance. This was a bit of a test as until this point, I’d not actually managed a 5k run without having to walk for a few minutes! To cut a long story short, a stressful day meant I pounded the streets and pushed myself further than I’ve managed for a long time. Not only did I run an extra half a mile, I also ran it all (no slowing to a walk) and in just under an hour! 

All that kept coming in to my head was (insert Forest Gump impression here), “I just felt like running”. Obviously I was really happy with my effort. Two goals achieved. Run for an hour non stop, and run 5 miles non stop and it resulted in a much less stressed Mark to boot!

Then came the comedy moment of the week! Saturday I decided to do Parkrun (my 17th). I intended to take it easy as Sunday was this week’s big effort! I felt quite relaxed and met with Lou before hand. The run felt good, I actually really enjoyed it. I managed to keep to a good pace and for the first time got around the entire 5k without walking and it resulted in a PB of 32:42! 

It was at this point though, I realised the error of my ways! I had only forgotten my barcode! Elation to a few expletives in about 5 seconds flat! So I had a very quick (within the road traffic laws of course) rush back home to get my barcode and get back to Great Lines to get my time officiated! What an idiot! To top it off and add to the comedy value, when I got back, Lou told me she had forgotten hers too! So a contingency plan for reserves in everyone’s glove boxes has now been hatched! 

This week’s highlight was no doubt on Sunday with the Great Run Newham London. It was an official 10k run around the Olympic Park. It was a hot day and a brilliant course that finished inside the Stadium itself, running the last 100m on the actual track. So I’ve now finished a race on the same track as legends such as Mo Farah!

The run itself was not my best. I ran the first 5k in 34:39 (a little behind my Parkrun time), but then the heat started kicking in so managed the second 5k in 39:26. My official chip time was 1:14:05. Overall though I am very happy with that as I aimed for under 1:15:00. I did forget my running cap though and paid the price with a bit of sunburn to the head!

I also got a few donations this week. Thank you to Carole and Adrian and Kay, plus another anonymous donation. I put a target of £500 overall but already I am at £189.00! You can donate should you wish on my just giving page (link below).

Mark Johnson Just Giving
This week I’ve run another 14.3 miles towards my ultimate goal. That brings me over the 50 mile mark now. Only another 440.4 miles to go!


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