Weeks 11 to 15 – A blip, a holiday and an injury!

I started week 11 quite pumped by my Newham 10k run. Week 10 was certainly a high, so I was looking forward to continuing my training. Sadly I only got out twice this week, my evening 2.2 mile loop and the parkrun on Saturday. This week for a change we ran Sittingbourne parkrun. I didn’t run particularly well, possibly due to a change of surroundings but an ok time of 34:13.

Week 12 was frustrating. On Sunday my right hip/buttock started to feel uncomfortable and when I woke up Monday morning I was in quite a bit of pain. After a bit of googling the symptoms it turns out I was suffering with a trapped nerve! So that wiped out any training that week! I’ve not felt that uncomfortable ever! I couldn’t sit, stand, lay down or really walk without pain and it meant I didn’t sleep too well either. It really was a complete pain in the bottom! Thankfully by the weekend it had cleared up but that was 7 days of training lost.

Week 13 I intended to get back out but it was my last week at work before a week off. This meant I needed to stay a bit extra some nights and I wasn’t able to get out this week. I did consider getting up at 6am and do some pre work running but I am rubbish at getting up in the morning, so all good intentions but it didn’t happen. I did manage a solitary run though on Friday evening, The Medway Mile in Rochester and got another medal for the collection.

Week 14 was spent on P&O’s cruise ship the Azura enjoying the scenery of the Norwegian Fjords. Whilst I did get on the treadmill once, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to include in my 500 mile challenge. So it was a lovely week off and some of that hard work got undone (with a 6lb weight gain). Still it was a lovely holiday with my family!

Week 15 and we are back. Monday and Wednesday I got out and did my 2.2 mile loop after work. Wednesday was particularly difficult due to the rain but I don’t let that put me off. Then on Saturday I got out for parkrun number 19 at Great Lines. A time of 34:35 this week but I am now consistently below 35 minutes. The aim is to see if I can get down to a 30 minute 5k.

I’ve now managed 71.5 miles of training for next year’s marathon. Considering there has been a few weeks of very little training and 2 holidays abroad, I’m really surprised. I’m now going to push to get myself over the 100 mile mark. Hopefully well before the end of August!

Of course, the reason for doing all of this is to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity. Please, if you have any spare pennies or if you are feeling sorry for an unfit middle aged man putting his body through some physical exertion, then do not forget to donate.

Just Giving Mark Johnson

Thank you.


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